Winter Watering

Winter Watering

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Winter Watering

Winter Watering

By:Whitney Gronseth
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

It may seem out of place to be worrying about watering your lawn and other plants during the winter time. However, in Colorado’s dry climate, your yard does need to be watered throughout the year. We are blessed with many sunny days and this makes it so that there is not a consistent snow cover. Without the snow cover on the lawn, your grass does not get the water that it needs (it is alive year round) and can be damaged this way. Watering in the winter is only done when there is no snow cover on the ground and it is above 40 degrees outside. You can most easily accomplish this by hand watering. Check you lawn and perennials every 4-6 weeks throughout the winter season to make sure that they are getting enough water for what they need throughout the winter months. Call 303-433-3750 for your winter watering needs.

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