Winter Watering

Winter Watering

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Winter Watering

Winter Watering

By:Whitney Gronseth

A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Winter Watering

Watering your garden and lawn during the winter time is just as important as watering them during the warmer months. How often you do it is the only thing that changes. Watering during the winter is especially important in Colorado as we are in a semi-arid climate. While we do have snow fall, the snow cover does not stick around therefore the soil does not get a steady supply of moisture. This can damage or kill the root system. Plants that are damaged in this way may appear perfectly healthy until the temperature warms up. At this point the damaged plant, now weakened, may now die in the spring warm up or be much more susceptible to disease or infestation. Watering combined with mulching will help protect your soil and plants throughout the winter season.

Depending on precipitation, you will need to water every 3-5 weeks. Watering should only be done in weather that is forty degrees or warmer and there should be no snow covering on the ground. Plants and trees in windier areas also need to be watered more often as they are more quickly dried out by the wind. A Better Garden Maintenance furnishes this service for our clients on request. Contact us at 303-433-3750 to get your winter watering scheduled for this winter season. You can also contact us on our website at

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