What Flowers Can I Plant in the Fall?

What Flowers Can I Plant in the Fall?

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What Flowers Can I Plant in the Fall?

By:Whitney Gronseth
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

What Flowers Can I Plant In the Fall?

To keep your yard in flowers all through the winter months, go ahead and plant pansies in your garden and pots. Despite the name, Pansies are actually very tough and thrive in the cooler months. If you plant them now, they will continue to bloom, even in the cold freezing Colorado winter. On our warmer January and February days watch your garden. If the ground thaws, you’ll see pretty little flowers!

Now is the ideal time to plant your spring bulbs. This includes planting things like tulips, daffodils, irises and crocuses. The bulbs do the best when planted in soil that is 55 degrees or lower. This allows it to get the roots and stability it needs to produce a beautiful spring bloom. Contact us at A Better Garden at 303-433-3750 to schedule your fall planting. You can also contact us on our website at www.abtrgarden.com.

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