Supplemental Water in a Colorado Landscape- Do I Need a Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System in Denver?

Supplemental Water in a Colorado Landscape- Do I Need a Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System in Denver?

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Supplemental Water in a Colorado Landscape- Do I Need a Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System in Denver?

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Colorado has a semi-arid, or a high plains desert, climate which needs supplemental water at times. Rainfall is inconsistent and sometimes sparse throughout Denver’s growing season. Automatic lawn and garden sprinkler systems are the best way to properly water the landscape at your Denver home or business. Just remember, most cities require contractors to pull permits and to be licensed & insured. It is important to make sure things are done correctly to prevent problems in the future.

Plants need supplemental irrigation to survive the high light intensity produced at the higher elevation of the Denver front range. The sun at our altitude can place more stress on plants at a much quicker rate. The rainfall varies from year to year. At times there is nothing but afternoon thundershowers which drench our lawns, gardens and Denver streets. Yet there is weeks of endless Colorado sunshine with high temperatures which cause drought conditions. These times make our parched plants scream for water to survive. During these periods of drought, water must be applied to prevent stress and provide healthy growth.

The best way to supplement water is with a system which efficiently provides it to the plant. It is important to ensure that the system is installed properly to achieve water wise management of the turf and garden areas. If a Denver lawn sprinkler system is not installed in a manner to irrigate similar areas with the same style of sprinkler head, or areas are not split to be ran by themselves, you will have water wasted in your landscape. Drip systems should be used whenever possible as the provide the water to the root of the plants, which deters a lot of foliage disease. Annual flowers for spring and summer color should be on a zone to allow them to be watered individually throughout the heat of the day. Make sure you hire a professional, with water wise experience, to design and install your Denver lawn sprinkler system.

At A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC we specialize in lawn sprinkler systems and garden drip irrigation systems. We provide lawn and garden sprinkler system renovations, design/build sprinkler systems based on pressure and available water, provide spring start-ups and sprinkler activation, install & service backflow devices, and also service the Denver metro area with a sprinkler repair technician & parts service. If your lawn is getting parched, needs a new sprinkler system or if you need to renovate your existing system to make it more water-wise we are here for you. Call us (303) 433-3750 to setup an appointment. Make sure you and your contractor understand the unique needs of your Denver lawn and garden landscape in order to have A Better Garden.

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