Sprinkler Controllers – Modern Technology and Rain Sensors

Sprinkler Controllers – Modern Technology and Rain Sensors

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Sprinkler Controllers – Modern Technology and Rain Sensors

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Turning off the lawn sprinkler system during a rain storm, it may seem like a small thing but it saves a lot of water and money. It is a hard thing to remember to do as a Golden homeowner. It is impossible to keep up with Colorado weather, knowing if it will rain at one of your commercial properties. In either situation it is best to allow technology to be utilized.

Most modern irrigation controllers are equipped with a rainsensor bypass option. This allows the circuit to be interupted within the Automatic Sprinkler Controller which shuts off the cycle once the the preset amount of water has fallen (usually 1/2″). This prevents irrigation of an already saturated Denver Garden or lawn. In turn saving you money from literally going down the storm drain. Call today to get a rain sensor installed on your lawn and garden sprinkler system’s controller.

If your current irrigation controller does not support a rainsensor A Better Garden’s staff will be happy to quote you a price to have a modern and customer friendly controller for you. This price will be quoted over the phone and will be assuming the contol wire and/or electricity is accessible and no additional materials are needed. Installation include the controller, pigtail(outdoor only), mounting material, labor to mount and program the controller. Additional wire or other materials and labor caused by this will be charged as extra. We provide free estimates on new lawn and garden sprinkler systems only. Contact us today to see how we can best suit your sprinkler needs in pursuit of A Better Garden.

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