Sprinkler Blowouts – Get Your Irrigation System Winterized

Sprinkler Blowouts – Get Your Irrigation System Winterized

Homes & commercial properties in Denver, Lonetree, Highlands Ranch, Littleton and the other surrounding metro areas share something in common.  They all need their lawn & garden sprinkler system winterized.  This is to initially protect the backflow prevention device (RPA or PVB) from early freezes.  This also protects the valves, pipes and heads from costly damage once the ground freezes.

In order to evacuate the system of all residual water a large tow behind compressor, which can produce over 100 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), is needed. Commercially a compressor or multiple compressors which can produce 175 CFM is needed.  Sprinkler blowouts should be performed in October around the  Denver metro area.  We provide sprinkler repair & maintenance services for homes, rental properties and commercial properties.

Get your sprinkler system winterized by professionals!!  Call (303) 433 – 3750 to get scheduled.

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