Spring Leaf & Garden Cleanup – Yard Restoration and Renovation

Spring Leaf & Garden Cleanup – Yard Restoration and Renovation

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Spring Cleanup

Spring Leaf & Garden Cleanup – Yard Restoration and Renovation

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

The snow is melting and the garden areas are being exposed. Now, before the buds break on the shrubs and trees, it is time to remove the leaves and debris from the garden. The leaves being left in the garden can cause issues with pests and disease. It is a great thing to remove the potential hassle and it makes the lawn & garden look great.

Here is an example, the garden below was not cleaned up for two (2) landscaping & gardening seasons.
Accumulation of leaves & debris in the garden can cause disease and pest issues”

The important things to remember for a spring garden clean-up;

  1. Cut back perennials to the “basal growth.” Basal growth is the new soft shoots coming out of the base of the plants in your Denver garden. You should not have any dead plant material left on the garden perenials unless it is the shoot leading to the fresh groth.
  2. Remove any overgrown sections. Gardening is about what you want to see; if you do not appreciate how the garden looks it needs to be pruned to make it look nice.
  3. Large shrubs should be trimmed as needed by their species. Some shrubs such as Dogwoods are thinned to allow new colored wood. Lilacs need to be pruned after flowering in the spring. Some shrubs need to be pruned for a gradual renewal also known as sheering. Some shrubs might need to be fully rejuvenated. Schedule a gardener to come out and perform this service if you are unsure.
  4. Rose bushes need to have the winter dieback and rose hips pruned out. Sometimes thinning cuts and new trellising/posting are needed to support bushes.
  5. Broken Branches should be cleaned up to provide a proper & clean cut for the plant to heal.
  6. Weeds should be pulled by hand or sprayed chemically to reduce issues throughout the season.
  7. Leaves & garden debris should be removed with a wire rake first and then a blower should be used to give a clean garden area.
  8. Top Dressing of all organic mulch beds should only be done as needed (mulch should not be deeper than 4 inches)

Below is the same picture after the garden had a spring garden cleanup was performed.

Reclaiming a garden is not only possible but a reality when we help you have A Better Garden.
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