Sod & Lawn Sprinkler System Installation – Fall is the best time to allow new turf grass

Sod & Lawn Sprinkler System Installation – Fall is the best time to allow new turf grass

Landscape Reonvation - Before

This shows landscape prior to being amended, having sod and a new sprinkler system installed.

Landscape Renovation After- lawn sprinkler system, soil amendment, & newly installed sod

Landscape Renovation- The soil has been amended, a new lawn sprinkler system has been installed and fresh sod has been laid to take root.

Their are many things which go into a good looking yard.  The most important components to ensure a lawn & garden are healthy long term is the preparation work.  This includes amending & rototilling the soil of the property to give these new plants a nutrient rich, fluffy soil to grow new roots.  Another equally important factor is having a properly functioning lawn and garden sprinkler system.  Proper preparation is key and should not be overlooked.

Soil preparation is often neglected as a cost saving effort.  What most people do not realize is lack of proper amendment to their soil will be more costly in the long run.  Plants will more quickly establish in an amended & roto-tilled soil or newly installed planting mix.   Composted manure is a great amendment which adds both nutrients and organic matter.  Long term it ensures a better establishment of plants by making more water available to the plants (shrubs, trees & sod grass).  This is a step which should never be neglected in creating new garden & turf areas in the landscape.

Landscapes can look great, but may fail by not having a proper irrigation or lawn sprinkler system installed.  Exposed pipes in grass areas shows a lack of attention or pride in the installer.  Lateral lines of the lawn sprinkler system, or the piping isolated for a zone, should be buried at least 8 inches in the ground for residential properties.  In commercial irrigation, piping should be 12-18 inches deep in the ground for a lateral line of a lawn sprinkler system. It is important to choose proper heads, pop-up sprays or pop-up rotors, for the areas you are covering in the turf grass. Remember most lawn sprinkler systems are attached to the house and if not properly installed will not cover properly or might cause water issues to the building if there is a leak.  Remember in Denver, contractors must be licensed to install or perform maintenance on an inside tap or backflow prevention device for a lawn sprinkler system.

Incorrectly Installed Sprinkler System Lateral Line

This is an example of a low quality workmanship. All pipes should be buried at least 8 inches beneath the ground.

Preparation of the soil and proper installation of a lawn sprinkler system is vital to having a lawn & garden you will enjoy for years.  Remember, it is always cheaper to have things done right the first time and be warrantied by a reputable company than to always be repairing and working around the issues presented by not having it done right.   At A Better Garden, we do it right and we stand behind our work. Every residential lawn sprinkler system we install comes with a three year warranty on parts and a one year warranty on workmanship (freeze damage excluded).  Call us today (303) 433 – 3750 to get an estimate for your a new lawn sprinkler system, turf grass & amendment or both.

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