Preparing Your Yard For Winter

Preparing Your Yard For Winter

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Enhancement Services

Preparing Your Yard For Winter

By:Whitney Gronseth
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Preparing Your Yard for Winter

With the winter months nearly upon us, now is the time to prepare your yard for winter. Now is the best time to aerate and fertilize your lawn. Even though the grass may look dormant on the surface, it is actually sending it’s roots deeper. This enables it to survive the winter and come back strong and green in the spring. You can see why aeration and fertilization now is vital to a healthy lawn come spring, and throughout the years. Now is also the best time to sod or re-seed your lawn. All this goes to a hale and hearty lawn come spring.

Pruning your trees and bushes in the fall season serves a duel purpose. First, cutting back braches now readies and encourages new spring growth. Secondly, getting rid of potentially dangerous limbs now (ones overhanging houses, power lines, cars, weak branches, etc.) saves a lot of time, heartache and money come the winter months by prevented property damage. A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC provides all the above services done well and done right. Call (303) 433-3750 now to schedule your winterization services.

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