Plan a Colorado Vegetable Garden – A Rewarding Experience to Add to Your Family’s Activities.

Plan a Colorado Vegetable Garden – A Rewarding Experience to Add to Your Family’s Activities.

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Plan a Colorado Vegetable Garden – A Rewarding Experience to Add to Your Family’s Activities.

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Home grown vegetables are a great, healthy way to add nutrition to family meals. Planting a vegetable garden starts with timing of planting seeds, starting them indoors or buying vegetable starts from your local greenhouse. Along with this, you must consider how much area to devote to growing a crop and stagger planting time and variety to ensure a continuous harvest. Crop rotation is an important factor in reducing pathogens in your home garden. Home vegetable gardening is a rewarding experience and should be done to provide healthy food for your family

The first thing which needs to be done to have a good harvest is knowing when to plant each vegetable. Some seeds require what is known as stratification to have a seed germinate. Stratifying a seed can be accomplished by a thaw freeze cycle or even by washing away certain chemicals produced by the plant. Various seeds only germinate under the right temperature. This is why it is usually easier to research the veggies you are wanting grown in your garden to see the best way to plant the crop. A good choice is always to go down to a nursery and get plants which have already been started. Some gardening services also offer at the least installation, while others, such as A Better Garden Maintenance LLC, install, maintain and assist in harvesting your garden.

Planning spacing and which types of vegetables seeds to sow for the harvest can be a new experience. Along with the area devoted to supporting a plant of a specific crop, you must also look at use of the garden area in regards to shading, crop height, water usage and any effect on second plantings of fall season or cool season crops. Something to consider in a garden recommendation for planting does not mean the plant will be confined between these areas. Watermelon and squash are very invasive and can quickly cover lower and slower growing plantings. Planting these along your path will help in allowing this unutilized area to become a space to grow a juicy melon. Additionally tske a look at planting corn as this may cause a shading effect which will affect the crops grown behind and beside it.

You also want to consider planting based on having a continuous or prolonged harvest. This is done by planting every few days or choosing different cultivars of the same vegetable. Most vegetables have an estimated time to harvest based on field trials conducted. By considering sun, harvest time, invasiveness, and how to prolong your harvest you will have a garden which provides fresh vegetables for your family throughout the season.

Call now (303) 433 – 3750, if you need consultation for a vegetable garden in the Denver Metro Area. It is a great opportunity to work as a family or enjoy the fruit of your land. A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC is a full service lawn maintenance &, garden maintenance firm which offers services for both residential and commercial properties.

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