Paver Feature Construction – Accent your Denver lawn and garden with a Paver Patio, Paver Pathway, or Paver Drive.

Paver Feature Construction – Accent your Denver lawn and garden with a Paver Patio, Paver Pathway, or Paver Drive.

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Paver Feature Construction – Accent your Denver lawn and garden with a Paver Patio, Paver Pathway, or Paver Drive.

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Paver Patios, Paver Pathways and Paver Drives are an amazing addition to any property whether its in Lakewood, Golden, Greenwood Village or Denver. They accent the building, garden and turf areas to really pull together the look of the landscape . The great thing about Denver’s climate is it is a unique climate which allows for landscape construction to be accomplished throughout the year. As in everything, you get what you pay for; the life of a paver patio, paver pathway, or paver driveway is directly linked to the methods used during construction.

Having a paver feature installed can dramatically change the view of your properties landscape during the winter time. While there are factors which deter from being able to work until Denver’s semi-arid climate warms up, there are ways to overcome this. Shaded and/or snow packed areas can get in the way as there will be snow cover and frozen ground. However, when large equipment is accessible, these issues can be overcome by removal of the snow and using heaters when the ground is frozen. This adds extra cost to the process but can be useful to meet deadlines for grand openings or for other special events. Fortunately, with the extreme shifts of temperature during the winter time, most Denver area properties are not under snow pack.

Denver’s climate changes our view of a Landscape during each season. The mixture of a patterned stone paver patio along a garden allows for a relaxing and garden viewing spot in the overall garden and lawn layout. The color and permanent paver feature accent Denver properties all year long. A paver patio can be laid next to a concrete pathway or stoop of the house. In larger areas a paver pathway can lead to a paver patio in a secluded area or an area with a view of the mountains towards Golden or Morrison. These hardscape features can last for a very long time if they are installed properly.

It is important to make sure you have a quality landscape contractor which will construct your patio, walkway or paver drive using the appropriate methods and specifications. Grade is important as water will be directed down the slope of the grade of the paver In a basic paver patio or paver pathway, the minimum ‘base’ needed is six (6) inches of compacted road base. With paver drives and surfaces where vehicles will travel over them a minimum of eight (8) inches of compacted road base. In both situations sand is then used to help the leveling of the paver feature prior to laying the paver stones. A quality landscape construction company will give you warranty for the product they install. A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC offers a five (5) year warranty for paver patios & paver pathways and a three (3) year warranty with the paver drives they install.

Installation of hardscape features such as paver drives, paver pathways and paver patios add value to your property along with giving your property an outdoor living, dining and utility area. Craftsmanship has its own intrinsic value and directly effects the life of your hardscape (paver patio, paver pathway, paver drive) feature. And remember, any time of the year is a good time to install paver features. Call A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC today to setup a free estimate for all your garden and landscape construction needs.
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