North Denver Gets Hammered By Storm – Good chance for Severe Weather throughout Denver

North Denver Gets Hammered By Storm – Good chance for Severe Weather throughout Denver

Lakewood Commercial Customer Parking Lot During Rainstorm

Lakewood Gets Heavy Rainstorm

Many weather systems have been skirting the Denver metro area. Last night, from Westminster & Arvada to Highlands Ranch & Littleton , the front range received approximately half the rain expected for the whole month of July in just a couple hours.   Flash flood watches hae been in effect since these heavy storm systems setup.  The phenomenon we are experiencing is known as a Monsoon Pump. This is where moisture travels in a counter clockwise  weather pattern from the Pacific & the Mexican Baja Peninsula to the four corners area (Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico).  At the four corners area, the next weather system rotating in a clockwise pattern.  These two patterns work in synergy to literally pump the moisture directly in the Denver area.  Yesterday, we saw the amazing effects of this phenomenon as up to two inches in less than an hour was reported in some areas of North Denver.

Today, we see the effects of this powerful storm.  Branches & trees have been downed and strewn about by the strong, gusting winds.  Mulch & soil has been eroded from garden beds.  Power is still in the process of being restored to Denver neighborhoods.  And the forecast shows the same systems moving through Denver for the next week.

With the  excessive amount of water and the relatively low temperatures we are experiencing, Denver area lawns do not need as much water as they usually would at this time of year.  Turn your sprinkler controller to the off position or reduce the amount of time the lawn sprinklers run.  If you have a rain sensor and a compatible controller this will be done for you.

Also, expect weeds, native grass areas, plants to explode in growth.  New weed seeds will be germinating and taking root.  Now is a great time to put seed pre-emergent down to reduce the undesired seeds from germinating in your established garden, native grass/field, or lawn.  Bushes & other plants in your garden will have a lot of new, quick growing shoots.  Continual pruning to remove dead & diseased material and to achieve the desired shape is the recommended method to keep plants healthy.  Remember to put new mulch & good soil back where it has been eroded to make your garden the best & healthiest in Denver.

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