Lawn Core Aeration

Lawn Core Aeration

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Residential Services

A Better Garden would like to help You a lush and well manicured lawn & grounds this season.

Aeration of the lawn is an important aspect of lawn maintenance. Core aeration is where plugs are removed from the turf layer and distributed over the grass. Lawn Aeration helps reduce soil compaction, reduce thatch, allow water to penetrate to the root zone.

The best time to aerate a Denver metro area lawn is in the late spring (April/May) or in the beginning of the fall. Damage can occur to your lawns when performing a core aeration in mid summer. The excessive heat coupled with drought like conditions adversely affect the roots of our cool season blue grass.

Most standard residential lawns can be aerated for a flat rate. Larger properties will either charged based on the size of the property or the time used to perform the lawn aeration

We also give a bid to perform Commercial Landscape Maintenance to ensure your have the best Lawn and Gardens.
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