Ice Patrol & Blowing Snow

Ice Patrol & Blowing Snow

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Ice Patrol, Snow Shoveling

Ice Patrol & Blowing Snow

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Today, I was out performing what is known as “Ice Patrol.” Ice patrol is put in effect for a property for the 2 days following a snow event where a sites snow tolerance was triggered. (If the snow event was not triggered services must be requested.) Usually, this just involves checking properties for ice and putting down the appropriate Snow & Ice Materials requested for onsite use. Meaning if you only have a sidewalk put down ice melt as the appropriate snow material, not sand & salt or slicer. And do not use ice melt for a parking lot. Instead use sand & salt for traction and slicer to break through the ice. Some people even request slicer to be put down for all main drive areas. Each site is different and a plan should be made in accordance with the specific needs (north sides, heavily shaded areas, drainage issues, etc.).

Yet today the denver metro winds crusted most all edges and steps with a sheet of snow. I say, “sheet of snow,” because the snow was partially melted together and came up in sections or sheets. It made my job a little harder, yet with a snow scoop shovel I got the job done. It is important to recognize that I used a scoop snow shovel, instead of a push snow shovel, since it made it possible to collect the chunks of the snow sheets & ice as I shoveled. I made sure the curb lines/gutters were clear of any snow and ice. I add ice melt to the steps, walks and anywhere there was ice and I then it is time to be off to the next property to repeat.

Remember it is important to always check the sites you maintain. The amount of snow is sure to be different as you move across Greenwood Village, Denver, and Golden.

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