Hot Days Ahead in Denver- Sprinkler Repair & adjustment important to maintaining a healthy lawn.

Hot Days Ahead in Denver- Sprinkler Repair & adjustment important to maintaining a healthy lawn.

Professional Grade Rainbird Controller- Light Commercial/Residential

User friendly irrigation controller

With the first days reaching into the 90’s across Denver, it is time to adjust the sprinkler controller for your lawn irrigation system. This is done by adjusting your sprinkler controller to give more time on each lawn sprinkler zone. Adjusting a controller is specific to the brand and model. Some, such as Professional Grade Rainbird products, are easily adjustable by anybody as you have a seasonal adjust button to increase all your zones equally and maintain the appropriate proportion to the original program. Additional ways include adding an additional start time (if time allows), adding additional days or increasing the run time of each lawn sprinkler zone.

Remember the best way to water a lawn is in a cycle & soak program. This allows a lawn sprinkler zone to water until the ground is allowing runoff, go through the whole program of all the other lawn sprinkler zones & water again. This is repeated a total of 2-4 times. This process allows the water to absorb farther into the soil profile. With more water deeper in the soil, the roots will grow deeper. This is important as more frequent watering causes grass to root at the surface. When the top couple inches of the ground are baked by the sun, the shallow roots are stressed. Using the cycle & soak process, your lawn will have a better drought tolerance and will show less signs of stress during hot days.

A Better Garden Maintenance is a specialized maintenance company. We have provided sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair & service since 2006. Jonathan Manning provides sprinkler repair technician services. Jonathan has over 11 years of experience providing service, installation & repair of lawn sprinkler systems & backflow prevention devices in the Denver area. This includes in depth sprinkler repair experience with both residential & commercial irrigation systems up to 3 inch mainlines. Jonathan also has a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from Colorado State University, where he also taught a lab for H100, and completed post graduate courses in Soil & Crop Sciences. If you want a skilled sprinkler repair technician with extensive knowledge, call us today (303) 433- 3750.

**Recent Recommendation-
Thank you on your expertise

Not often do I find someone who is young, intelligent, articulate and honest all in one package and who completes work with pride and motivation. I hit the jackpot with you Jonathan! Sprinkler repair is what I needed and you delivered…plain and simple. You are a hard worker. You can trouble shoot a problem, figure out options to the problem and fix the problem without taking advantage of my wallet. For that I am a sound customer of yours. I appreciate your work ethic and I appreciate a job well done. Thank you and if you need a reference, count me in! Best Always-S. Speer (6-15-11)

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