Great Denver Gardens-Off Season Preparation is Essential to Having a Great Garden.

Great Denver Gardens-Off Season Preparation is Essential to Having a Great Garden.

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Great Denver Gardens – Off Season Preparation is Essential to Having a Great Garden.

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Denver’s is snow finally melting and temperatures are forecasted to stay in the 40’s and 50’s for the next week or two. Now is a good time to get the rest of the leaves cleaned up in your garden. Some bushes need to be rejuvenated or just cleaned up. Adding mulch to your garden will make your yard have color during the bleak days ahead until spring. A little extra care now can make your Denver garden healthy and vigorous this growing season.

Plant growth is stunted when disease is present. Many plant pathogens over winter in the leaves of the plants they effect. Removing these leaves from the garden will seriously decrease the risk of pests and diseases being present this next gardening season. With perennials last years leaves have lost their color and began new basal growth (new lush green growth at the bottom or base of the plant). These plants need to have the old growth of the plant cut off and removed from the garden. Remember, most perennials die back to their base and begin new growth for the next season. Bushes are similar, yet are more specialized since their growth produces lignins which strengthen the previous years growth.

Shrubs are also termed as a “woody plant” since these chemicals produced affect the strength of the shrub, usually allowing it to grow much larger than a perennial. They also will produce new buds towards the end of the growing season which are where the new leaves or beautiful flowers are produced for the following Denver spring. It is important to understand the bushes characteristics, such as whether the buds will be flowers or leaves, before pruning any branches of shrubs in your garden. If necessary it is important to revitalize the shrub when growth gets too old or to remove any spent flowers such as rose hips or other seed pods created last year. Branches that cross each other and which might rub together should be removed as well. All debris such as branches and the extra leaves stuck between newly branches should be removed to give your garden a wonderfully clean look.

When the garden is clean of all leaves and debris, mulch should be the next consideration. There are a few varieties of mulch to choose from. Shredded cedar and bark mulch are the by far the most popular selected. They add a lovely touch to any home or business in Denver or Greenwood Village. Various people also appreciate a more recycled and colored mulch. Metro mulches are produced from construction waste, tree limbs and other recycled products. These woody materials, once recycled and steam treated to reduce weed seeds, are stained different colors to accent your house or commercial building. Mulch beautifies your property and by helping to retain water in the soil, enriches the life of all plants in your garden.

Great gardens, whether in Golden, Denver, Lonetree or Greenwood Village, are based upon the preparation provided when plants are not visibly growing. Your garden‘s, whether residential or commercial, risk for disease is reduced as leaf debris and pruning debris is removed. A well groomed woody plant or shrub, from pruning, makes for healthy, vigorous growth in the upcoming spring season.
Mulch will give some color to the bleak winter days where your garden plants sits seemingly idle. If these items are out of your skill range or if you just do not have the time, give us a call (303) 433 – 3750 and we can help you have A Better Garden.

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