Gardens Need Trimmed Back In Denver – Heavy Rains Bring Lush Growth Across Denver

Gardens Need Trimmed Back In Denver – Heavy Rains Bring Lush Growth Across Denver

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Enhancement Services

The massive amount of rain we have seen continuously over the past few weeks have really soaked and cooled off Denver.  While checking the weather I have seen 20 degree differences between Golden and Denver from these strong strorms.  This weather is giving plants in your garden a great chance to thrive, along with plenty of moisture.  We are starting to see overgrowth of perennials, bushes and weeds in Denver gardens.  Uncontrolled growth allows infestation of insects and perfect growing conditions for mildew and mold.  Get control of these plants early to keep them healthy and looking their best.

At times, gardening can be too much of a chore and seem overwhelming.  We provide garden services based on your needs and requests.  Let us help simplify your life by providing A Better Garden Maintenance.  Escape your to-do list and enjoy the fresh summer air.  Get rid of your gardening chores and have a fantastic looking garden.

We provide hand weeding, weekly gardener maintenance, perennial maintenance, rose pruning, hedge sheering, structural pruning, aesthetic pruning, tree pruning & removal, mulch installation, plant installation, annual flowers (pansies & spring color), and more.   Call (303) 433-3750 to get weekly gardening service.

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