Denver’s Temperature Remain Warmer Than Average – Plants still need water throughout the year.

Denver’s Temperature Remain Warmer Than Average – Plants still need water throughout the year.

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Enhancement Services
Even with the days being shorter as the winter solstice approaches, Denver is supposed to reach 62 degrees today.   Plants are still actively growing and even blooming around the Denver metro area.  With the absence of moisture, lawns & garden plants are experiencing drought conditions.  The added water helps plants and a lawn thrive as they put energy into rooting over the winter.  A Better Garden Maintenance provides winter watering for both homes or business properties.
Winter Watering

Denver's A Better Garden gardener watering pansies in a tank top December 10, 2010.

Perennials, shrubs, trees and even grasses are still actively ground beneath the ground during Denver’s winter months.  If you look through a garden you will still see evidence of activity in your plants.  The easiest example to recognize is the small, low growing green mounds called basal growth.  The tips of your shrubs and trees are usually plump because of the moisture stored in the ready to emerge buds.  The interior of a plant is still circulating, albeit slowly, in order to provide water and nutrients which are still needed to all parts of the plant.  Even certain plants & bulbs you do not see are still active beneath the ground.

Extra water and warm soil temperatures provide a perfect environment for the plants stored summer energy to be used in further establishment of the root structure.  Roots exude chemicals as they grow to penetrate and slide the soil profile. These beneficial things do not happen without water in the ground for the plants to use. The ability of a plant to continue to thrive and survive is hugely dependent on the availability of water in the soil.

These active shrubs, trees, perennials and grasses in Denver are experiencing drought like conditions due to the lack of moisture received from Golden to Lonetree.  The warm temperatures activate circulation of water and nutrients in a plant and the plants have little moisture to uptake from the soil.  The freezing temperatures we experience do not allow our sprinkler systems to remain active over the winter months. That is why winter hand watering is a necessity in the Denver area. Watering when temperatures are above 40 degrees is extremely beneficial to making sure a lawn & garden survives the winter months.

A Better Garden provides winter watering services and a variety of services to enhance a property.  Whatever the needs are we are here to provide a quality service to both commercial and residential sites. Call today to get your lawn & garden cared for during these dry Denver winter months.

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