Denver Sprinkler Winterization- Get Your Denver Lawn Sprinkler System Blown Out

Denver Sprinkler Winterization- Get Your Denver Lawn Sprinkler System Blown Out

In Denver, Colorado we usually experience our first frost in October. Denver lawn & garden sprinkler systems need to be winterized in order to protect  major components (backflow prevention devices or PVB & reduced pressure assemblies or RPA) from immediate damage of a hard frost (~28 degrees Fahrenheit). When a sprinkler system is correctly winterized, the underground components (electric control valves, mainline, quick-couplers, lateral lines, etc) are protected from deep freezes during the winter months.

In order to properly winterize a lawn sprinkler system, a large tow behind compressor capable of producing a massive amount of air flow (100 CFM’s +) is needed.  It is the same concept of running a sprinkler system. A sprinkler system only functions properly when there is enough water (equivalent to CFM) & pressure (equivalent to PSI) to keep all the heads on a zone fully popped up In order to evacuate the water completely, you need to keep the system under pressure with enough air.  Even the largest plug in compressors (6′ tall) only produce 15-18 CFM (cubic feet per minute) which is not near enough to properly winterize a home sprinkler system.  Most residential irrigation systems require a compressor with over 100 cubic feet per minute (CFM), while commercial irrigation systems require tow behind compressor with a 185 CFM  or higher rating.

Whatever type of sprinkler system you have, make sure it is winterized correctly by a professional.  A Better Garden has been providing Denver with both commercial & residential sprinkler repair & service, including sprinkler winterization, since 2006.

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