Denver Snow – Little accumlation still creates ice conditions

Denver Snow – Little accumlation still creates ice conditions

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This weekend Denver experienced the first snow storm of December. There was little accumulation, up to 3/4″ of snow across the area, which means most properties were not serviced. As specified in our snow removal contracts most properties, except the No Tolerance” properties, did not receive the snow accumulation on their property to receive any service as snowfall did not reach above the 1″ or 2″ accumulation of snow. Yet with snow being left on the sidewalks, driveways & parking lots there is still the issue of compaction from foot traffic & driving over the snow. This mixed with extremely low conditions still can create ice, especially on the north sides of buildings & shady areas of a parking lot.

Even though most properties did not receive initial snow plowing or snow shoveling services, properties with “Ice Patrol” services were checked this morning for ice & unsafe conditions. A few properties were lightly shoveled and a small amount of ice melt on sidewalks and a sand/salt mixture to parking areas was applied where it was necessary to help make the properties safe. With “Ice Patrol” we strive to make sure all properties have received service by 7AM to provide a safe environment for those leaving their houses or for those arriving at their office, store or commercial building.

At A Better Garden, we provide snow removal services across the Denver area to help keep people safe. The snow removal services we provide include snow plowing, snow shoveling, and ice patrol services to fit your needs. If you need a professional service which provides great service give us a call (303) 433-3750 or fill out the contact form below:

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