Denver Gardening Services- Schedule Fall Leaf & Garden Cleanups

Denver Gardening Services- Schedule Fall Leaf & Garden Cleanups

Denver’s weather has rapidly cooled down the past few weeks.  The cold chill  of fall will soon melt the leaves off the trees and cause die-back of the summer’s growth in the garden. The best thing to do for your garden is to get this leaf debris removed from your Denver lawn & gardens.   Plant material left in your Denver lawn or garden over winter may have pathogens & diseases that will attack your garden come next spring.  Keep your Denver lawn & garden healthy by having A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC come and maintain your Denver garden.  Skilled gardeners will remove dead growth and prune back plants to give your garden a clean look. All leaves will be raked & blown from all garden areas to make your Denver gardens look their best.

A great thing to do after a fall leaf & garden cleanup, which adds color & horticultural benefits to your Denver yard, is to remulch or topdress your gardens with mulch.  This mulch adds a vibrant color back to your gardens for the winter and helps insulate the plants from both the heat & the cold.  We can give you  pricing to remulch or topdress with mulch your entire garden or just bring a load and topdress as much of your Denver garden as the mulch allows.

We offer weekly gardening service or even just seasonal garden maintenance. This includes a range of services such as bush pruning & shaping, tree trimming, topdressing mulch, planting new perennials & shrubs, removing bushes and planting of annual flowers & vegetables.  Let us know how we can help you have A Better Garden! Call us today to get scheduled (303) 433-3750 or fill out the contact form below:

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