Container Gardening – Not just for Annual Flowers

Container Gardening – Not just for Annual Flowers

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Container Gardening – Materials & Preparation is Critical!

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Concrete and patios should not limit the garden potential you have at your homeor business. In these concrete porches, paver patios, and other open space you can have beautiful color and even produce vegetables. Installing tomato plants along with marigolds will brighten up the grey and give you delicious mile high city ripened tomatoes for those summer salads.

Container gardens do take more maintenance, yet the reward is worthwhile. If you choose to have a container garden, make sure toco use a large pot and the correct media (potting soil such as Miracle Grow can be used, but is not ideal). We use a special composition of media which specially for the needs of Colorado. If you are using Miracle Grow or a similar potting mix, adding peat moss and vermiculite helps by increasing water holding capacity for the media.

A few things to remember:

The media in pots dry out much quicker than soil in the ground. Pots should be watered daily and in some situations multiple times per day if in direct sunlight. Drip irrigation should be on a separate irrigation drip valve which is used to support only annual flowers and vegetables. Drip irrigation should only be regarded as a fail-safe and hand watering deeply should not be neglected in any circumstance.

Installing high grade media (soil) you ensure good root establishment and a higher ability to retain water. Media for container gardens should be replaced and fresh & clean media should be used one year to the next to prevent disease. This is similar to how farmers rotate crop to reduce pest populations.

Ensure you have a large enough clay pot, container or plastic liner. This has many positive affects survive the heat and drying effect of direct sunlight. An added trick to help to protect expensive clay pots is the added use of a liner. A liner is a plastic pot, or insert, to allow reduced pressure and corrosion of the container. Each type of flower and vegatable has differing rooting structures and rooting depths. Having a deep liner or pot helps maximize growth and flowering.

To maintain healthy plants, the contents of a containers with flowers or vegatables should be checked daily for correct moisture if it is not irrigated. In the case of flowers, dead/dying flowers and seed pods should be removed to increase and rejuvenate bloom. Vegatables, such as tomatoes, produce their fruit (in this scenario, tomatoes) from flowers. These flowers can be thinned to increase size of each tomato or to help establish the plant in the beginning. Research the type of plant you are going to plant in your Denver container garden or have A Better Garden Maintenance help you with your gardening needs.

Contact us today if you would like to have a beautiful variety of flowers to accent your Denver business or Greenwood Village residence.

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