Commercial Snow Removal Denver – Sign up now before the first storm hits.

Commercial Snow Removal Denver – Sign up now before the first storm hits.

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in 24-HOUR RESPONSE, Ice Patrol, Ice Prevention, Ice Removal, Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Snow Shoveling, Zero-Tolerance

Commercial Snow Removal Denver – Sign up now before the first storm hits.

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Even with the summer still blasting us with 90 degree days in the Denver area, we need to look forward to being prepared to have the right people in place to remove the snow when it falls. Its a matter of when it will snow, not if it will snow. Small accumulations can be even more hazardous given the right temperatures, shade, traffic, drainage and other situations.

Let us know the issues you have experienced in the past and we can note the potential problems to alleviate any issues this 2009-2010 colorado snow season. We also will meet the property manager, resident or owner onsite to discuss where the snow should be placed or we will make a decision on our professional site evaluation.

We will recommend a tolerance level of the amount of snowfall in inches before you receive service. A standard tolerance for businesses and homes is 1 inch to shovel sidewalks & driveways and 2 inches to plow parking lots. Ice melt is an optional service and is highly recommended to provide a safe environment. Businesses should always have ice melt as well as a combination of slicer and Sand & Salt in the parking lots.

Jonathan Manning leads the snow efforts at A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC. He is a vetran of the past Blizzards and has maintained “No Tolerance” properties in Golden and Arvada. In Golden, the business park was a two building Class A Office Suites. They required a combination of snow shoveling, plowing, bobcat/skidsteer use, slicer application, magnesium chloride application (Caliber), sand & salt, and a variation between ice melt and magnesium chloride flakes dependent upon the temperature. In Arvada, the other property he managed dealt with keeping Ambulances on the road for Pridemark during the 2006 Blizzard.

At A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC we offer commercial snow removal to the Denver Metro area (exclusions apply) snow plowing, snow shoveling, ice melt application,sand & salt application, slicer, and larger equipment as needed. Call us today to setup a contract for the 2009-2010 snow removal season. Serving both commercial snow removal & residential snow removal properties. Call us today (303) 433 – 3750.

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