Christmas Lights Installation & Removal – Holiday Decorating

Christmas Lights Installation & Removal – Holiday Decorating

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Christmas Lights, Holiday lighting, holiday decorating

A house with a full display of bright LED lights decorating trees, rooflines, decks & bushes.

Christmas Light Installation & Removal

Most people love the bright display of Christmas lights during the Christmas Holiday Season. Everyone can have this joy at home and spread the joy to their neighbors. A good display takes planning and preparation. Christmas light installation requires electrical knowledge, specialized equipment, eye hand coordination & There are options to use standard pre-made Christmas light strands or even to customize a design made to exactly fit your house & trees.

With customization you can choose wire color*, bulb type, bulb color, pattern & spacing* (*restrictions apply).  We can arrange the bulbs to make a candy cane striped pattern, alternating colors or whatever colors you would like. We even have Magnetic strands we can customize for your metal storefront, office or even vehicles.
If you do not have the time or desire to put up the lights yourself, we do the work for you.  We provide both installation & removal of Christmas lights, wreaths, garland & holiday decorations.


Call (303) 433-3750 to get a free estimate for installation & removal.  We also provide lighting for the 4th of July!

Holiday lighting, Christmas Lightings, tree lights, wrapped branches

Multi colored LED mini lights are in full display on these fruit trees in Arvada.


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