Be Prepared – Prepping for a Spring Garden in Denver

Be Prepared – Prepping for a Spring Garden in Denver

Posted by Jonathan Manning, CLT - B.S. Horticulture, Colorado State University in Enhancement Services

Be Prepared – Prepping for a Spring Garden in Denver

By:Jonathan Manning, CLT
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Already most of your landscape is exposed since the majority of Denver’s snow has melted. Soon plants will start budding with new foliage and flowers. The lawn will need the first cutting, trimming and edging to make things look sharp. The lawn sprinkler system will need activated and all sprinklers repaired to start the growing season off right. Plan now in order to be prepared for Denver’s upcoming lawn mowing and garden maintenance season.

The twigs from shrubs protruding are looking bleak among the mulch and trees. The bare ground where your lush garden stood last year is still active and growing in your Denver garden. These apparently baron sticks will bring forth leaves and early spring flowers. Fruit trees will present their beautiful and fragrant blossoms. It is important to tend to these plants in the correct season to add consistent splendor to your Colorado garden.

Whether you live in Englewood, Golden, Lonetree, Greenwood Village or in the heart of Denver your lawn will need to be trimmed multiple times in April. This prevents shock and stress to the turf grass which occurs when you take off more than 1/3 of the grass’s leaf blade. Usually in the Denver metro area, a Denver lawn mowing contract would be from the beginning of April and last through the end October. During the first month and the last month of the lawn mowing season, April and October, the grass is usually only mowed twice due to the turf areas growing more slowly at these times. Irrigation systems for your lawn and garden might affect how quickly your grass grows.

A properly functioning lawn sprinkler system is essential in Denver. With our weather patterns always changing ,we never know when the next rainfall will occur. Your Denver lawn sprinkler system repair’s need to occur when the irrigation system is started up. All sprinkler zones need to be ran through and adjusted on a regular basis, weekly after mowing is best, through out the season while actively irrigating your residential or commercial landscape. Having your system tuned up by a qualified sprinkler repair technician is an important way to help prevent water waste from irrigating your lawn and garden.

A wise person prepares for and takes stock of what needs to be done. If you need some assistance, A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC provides full gardening & flower maintenance, lawn mowing contracts and sprinkler repair services. Call on us, (303) 433-3750, if you need help this year. Not only will your plants be healthier and happier, you will have A Better Garden.

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