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Snow and Ice Removal

By:Whitney Gronseth
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

One of the great advantages to living in Colorado is our winter weather. With so much sunshine and milder temperatures, we are not under a snow pack throughout the entire winter. However, our brief yet intense and somewhat frequent storms can create quite a snow and ice headache that must be attended to. In Denver and surrounding areas, there are county and city ordinances that exist on residential snow removal. Most are that the home or property owner has 24 hours after the cessation of a storm to have all sidewalks and access cleared of snow and ice. Ignoring this can cost you. The first time fine for this is $100.00 and successive citations come with a maximum penalty of $1000.00 and 90 days in jail.

Another aspect to all this is ice removal. Ice forms and reforms long after the storm is gone and this to can open you up to serious liability. Property owners, lessors, property managers and landlords all liable for any injury incurred on property that is not correctly and properly maintained. This is called premises liability law. Ice patrol fulfills your obligations as a property owner, lessor, property manager and landlord and makes your property safe and hazard free.

When shoveling your own property keep in mind a few things; Make sure that you clear the whole sidewalk as well as an edging of grass. This way when the snow melts it not only avoids water running onto the sidewalk (which will re-form into ice) but it also directs the water onto your lawn. This is important as your lawn requires watering in the winter too. Don’t apply ice melt during the storm itself. This will also melt the snow as it falls which will just create more ice. Ice melt should be applied after the storm when more snow will not be added to the ice that you are trying to get rid of.

Besides convenience, having a snow removal service frees you from worry and time expended into keeping your property free of snow and ice. At A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC we provide professional and reliable snow removal services to the entire Denver Metro area. Contact us at (303) 433-3750 to schedule your snow removal services today. You can also contact us at

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