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Why Fall Clean Up

By:Whitney GronsethA Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

Fall Clean Up

Now that fall is here, what does one do with their yard? It seems that as the cool days and nights set it that there is nothing left until spring time. This is not true! Getting your yard prepared for the winter is the prudent way to ensure that your lawn, foliage, your landscape investment is in tip top shape for the spring time by preventing disease, and pest infestation. All this works together to allow your lawn, plants and trees to become better situated in the winter leaving them strong and healthy for the spring.

So, how does cleaning up your yard prevent disease? Well, it does so in several ways; First of all, if leaves and dead plant material are left where they fall, a couple things can happen. The dead plant material starts to rot – which will transfers onto your lawn and healthy plants. It also prevents much needed air circulation into the lawn which weakens the lawn over the winter, which also opens it up to disease. Secondly, a fall clean-up also entails pruning back foliage, trees and bushes. By doing so, limbs, branches, stems, etc. that are broken or will be broken during the winter are removed, again preventing disease and infection from getting into the plant. With the leaves and other dead foliage removed and bushes and trees trimmed back, you are helping your yard have a healthy winter and a beautiful spring.

Now a yard and garden with dead plant material and leaves all over is a safe haven for pests. This gives them a perfect environment during the winter time to be safe, warm and breed with an ample supply of food. So then, come spring time, your lawn and garden are already infested with slugs, snails and the likes. Therefore, a good fall clean-up gets rid of all the materials that would otherwise attract and harbor common garden pests.

A key element in having a healthy lawn and trees is, in fact, the winter months. During this time, grass roots as far in the ground as possible. This results in your lawn becoming even more healthy and more beautiful when the spring and summer months finally come back. This is actually why this time of year is the best time to sod or re-sod. It is also why fall is the time to get your lawn fertilized and aerated. You will most definitely see the difference come spring.

At A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC, we offer full fall yard clean up and can work with you in whatever you need to make sure that your lawn is ready for fall. Your landscape investment is important enough to have the professionals get your yard ready for the winter. Call (303) 433-3750 to make your appointment for your fall clean up today.

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