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Winterizing Your Sprinkler/Irrigation System

By:Whitney Gronseth
A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC
Denver, CO

*********** Freeze Warning issued for the entire I-25 corridor. Warning goes into effect at midnight tonight and remains in effect till Friday morning at nine am. Bring your plants inside and those plants that you can’t bring in, cover them up over night to protect them from damage.***********

Winterizing Your Sprinkler/Irrigation System

The question has been asked if it is absolutely necessary to winterize, or blow out, one’s sprinkler/irrigation system. The answer is, absolutely. Once the ground freezes water underneath the ground surface will freeze as well. If water is still left in your sprinkler/irrigation system, that water will freeze and expand, destroying your system. Getting your sprinkler/irrigation systems winterized now is the most prudent way to protect and prolong their life. Schedule your system blow out now with A Better Garden Maintenance, LLC by calling (303) 433-3750 ASAP for priority scheduling. You can also contact us on our website

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